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3 ways interviewing is like dating…

A few years into my consulting business, I had a client say to me… “Nancy, every time you tell me how a candidate is going to act on the job, within a week or two I see the EXACT behaviors you described. I swear, it’s like you have a crystal ball.” And The DISC Wizard was born! Nowadays, more than 50% of my business is helping clients with hiring and selection decisions. That’s because most companies recognize the enormous cost of making poor hiring decisions. And while many experts talk about the high cost of “turnover,” I don’t think that even compares to the higher (and more insidious) cost of what I call “stay-over.” And it all starts with hiring! For some of you, it’s been a long time since your last interview and even longer since your last first date but you will be amazed at how similar... Read More

[Tips] #1 Way to Foster Employee Engagement

[Tips]  #1 Way to Foster Employee Engagement Many of the companies that are traditional cultures have their nose to the grindstone so to speak (make money, cut costs, etc.) and are missing a bigger, compelling vision with which to engage their workforce. They say they want engaged employees but it is more of a “nice-to-have” than a must-have. Unfortunately, many employees end up thinking “why should I work harder…so I can line your pockets with more cash?” It’s sad but true. In the book “The Work of Leaders” by Wiley, there is a reminder that each employee has their own vision for themselves, their life and their future. For an organization to really be “engaged,” each employee’s personal vision has to fit in their team or department’s vision, that vision has to fit in their division’s vision and that vision has to fit within the organization’s vision…sort of like Russian nesting dolls. If your people can’t... Read More

Are your employees giving their all?

It was in the fall when two consultants rolled up to a plywood mill in Oregon. As they exited the rental car, they approached the entrance of the mill and promptly walked into an ambulance that was parked out front. Minutes later, they met with the plant manager and asked him about the ambulance. “It’s here to pick up an injured employee,” he explained. “One of our front-line supervisors got into an argument with him and beat him up.” How ironic that these consultants were at the mill to measure the effectiveness of an ongoing leadership training program. Later that day while interviewing groups of hourly employees, they asked what had happened earlier. “What happens when you don’t get along with your supervisor?” In unison, they immediately blurted, “The hog!” THE LAW OF THE HOG* In the corner of the mill sat a shack where scraps were ground into... Read More

Self-Assessment] 12 Questions to Determine If You Are Engaged At Work…

There are 12 simple questions about day-to-day realities that determine whether people are engaged, not engaged, or actively disengaged at work. Answer them for yourself first. The point of this assessment isn’t to pick the “right” answer but the one that is most true for you. That you know the right answer is of very little value. After all, as Stephen R. Covey so aptly put it, “To know and not to do is really not to know.” For each of the following questions, answer Yes or No regarding your current view of work. Don’t think too long about a question; go with your first reaction. Scoring is at the end. 1) Do I know what is expected of me at work? 2) Do I have the materials and equipment that I need in order to do my work right? 3) At work, do I have the opportunity to... Read More

[DISC Wizard Q&A] When a good performer behaves badly

[DISC Wizard Q&A]  When a good performer behaves badly Dear DISC Wizard, I have a dilemma that I am hoping you can help me with. I have a longtime employee who has always been negative but lately, his behavior is becoming more and more so. He complains and criticizes about the managers of the company – usually within earshot of others. The problem is, he is one of my best performers. I can always count on him when I need something. What do I do? ~ Aberdeen H.   Dear Aberdeen, If I had a dollar for every time I have heard of this scenario, I’d be writing to you from Fiji. Seriously though, this has got to be one of the most difficult challenges a manager faces – when someone is, seemingly, performing their job but their behavior is negative at best, toxic at worst. Since I can’t properly diagnose exactly what is going on without being... Read More

What Employees Really Want in 2018…

What Employees Really Want in 2018… What do employees really want? It seems that the first, gut-level response to this question is always – MORE MONEY! I know this is something I hear from my clients a lot. They have a problem employee and one of the main contentions from the employee’s perspective is that they aren’t paid enough. Have you ever given a raise to a problem employee? (By the way, “problem employee” is someone who you have determined has an attitude problem, not a skills, knowledge or behavioral limitation.) Do you know what happens when you do? For a little while, they are appeased. You seem to have scratched where they itched. But within a very short time, the grumblings start again. Now it’s something else. Their attitude goes back to where it was and in short you haven’t solved a problem. Now you’re just paying more for it. The reason for this... Read More

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