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Alert! Brand New Certification Program that will change how you work with people forever…

Now You Can Learn The Secret
to Understanding Why
People Do What They Do!

Ever since the study of psychology began, people have been trying to understand and make sense of human behavior. Others actions don’t always make sense to us and we may find ourselves wondering “Why on earth do they do that?”

If you’re a user of the DISC behavioral assessment (or Myers-Briggs, Kolbe, or any other behavioral tool) it was probably a great relief when you learned about different styles or types of behavior. It gave you a way to relate to people and begin to categorize HOW people act.

But as you continued to use the DISC tool, you may have noticed something was missing.

Have you ever known a High Dominant person who didn’t act exactly like you think a High Dominant would? Perhaps they weren’t as aggressive or bold as you thought they would be. Or perhaps you work with a High Steadiness person that seems to project a sense of urgency in getting projects done although this is the opposite of their behavioral style.

If DISC is your only frame of reference, it can get confusing. Worse you may start to doubt the tool because of what you perceive as inconsistencies. Let me share a personal story with you.

For years, people told me I would make a great salesperson. People commented on my outgoing personality, persuasive ability, and infectious enthusiasm. I even had people offer me the opportunity of high paying sales jobs even though I didn’t have the necessary training or education. Yet sales never appealed to me.

Don’t get me wrong. The salary potential they talked about was enticing; but the actual work wasn’t. While it seemed that I had part of the equation, I had no desire or motivation to sell.

When I first learned DISC years ago, it confirmed that I had a “selling” behavioral style called High Influence. Persuading and convincing people came easily to me. But it was what I learned next that really explained my hesitancy to go into sales.

I learned about another part of my personality – Values. Values are the internal passions and motivation that drives a person’s behavior. I quickly confirmed that my internal motivation was not to sell. There were other things that I was interested in and motivated to do – but selling wasn’t one of them. Good thing I figured this out before accepting a sales position!


Companies with a focus on the success of each individual employee outperform companies who have more of a task orientation. Modern corporations are looking to develop the potential of each individual, realizing that a healthy, motivated work force leads to a healthy, profitable company. Even in the face of a recession – smart companies still invest in their human resources.

Special attention has been focused on the “fit of the person with the job.” Each individual is unique just as each career is unique. If the individual is matched to the appropriate career, success should follow.

Studies suggest that over 50% of the work force may be in jobs that are not suited to who they are and what they value.

A study from California suggests the number is as high as 90%. If your career is an extension of who you are, you will not have to be externally motivated (think the carrot on the stick). You will get up in the morning and desire to go to work, because your environment will be providing the fulfillment of your highest values.

Companies all over the world are realizing that an investment on pre-selection assessments can facilitate a win/win scenario for the employee and the company, moving both toward their goals and redirecting current employees to the right position where a win/win is achievable, as well.

If we were to hire or promote people to certain positions based only on their behavioral style, we might place them in a job that doesn’t fulfill their values. And if a person’s values aren’t fulfilled, there is little chance that they will be satisfied or perform well in that position.

New research by Brad Smart of “Top Grading” indicates the cost of hiring a person who is a “misfit” to the job can be as high as ten times their annual salary. It’s not hard to make the case for using Values/Motivators assessments in the acquisition and retention of talent.

While many companies use DISC as a hiring and management tool, once you understand Values you realize that…

DISC is incomplete in understanding WHY people act the way they do.


Don’t get me wrong. I love DISC. I am The DISC Wizard after all. But to really love something, you have to accept and appreciate its limitations too. The biggest limitation of DISC is that it’s only one aspect of a person. It measures observable behavior or HOW someone acts.

VALUES measure internal drive and motivation or WHY someone acts

The distinction between DISC behaviors and Values/Motivators is important to understand so you know how the two work together. The chart below explains the basic differences between DISC and Values/Motivators.

Observable behavior Non-observable beliefs and motivation
The HOW of someone’s behavior The WHY of someone’s behavior
Adaptable in different situations Not adaptable
Quick and easy to recognize Takes time to recognize
Doorway to communication Arena of communication
Opposites attract Birds of a feather flock together

Values/Motivators are what compel people to take action and they take action through their behavioral style. You can have any combination of values and behavior. You can have someone value helping people but have very aggressive behavior. Or you can have someone value results over people but have very friendly behavior. There are so many combinations and each one creates a unique individual.

Only by understanding both Values/Motivators and DISC can you
begin to really understand people!

If DISC is known as the Universal Language; then Values is like knowing a secret language. Everyone can recognize different behavioral styles. But very few people can discern what is going on inside of an individual. That gives you a lot of leverage in interactions.

DISC has also been called the doorway of communication while Values is the arena of communication. By knowing someone’s DISC style, you can adapt yourself and get into communication with them (this is getting through the door!). Once you know their values, you can speak to what’s important to them. You will have their attention and interest. This is staying in the arena!

Using both of these tools is essential to understanding and effectively hiring and managing people. That is why in my business, I rarely will use DISC without introducing the Values model.


A personal note from The DISC Wizard:

“I have been certifying people in DISC for several years. A couple of years ago, I had an increasing number of students ask me about Values and the possibility of a Values/Motivators Certification Course. I decided to listen to the requests and created this course for them.

I truly believe that now is the perfect time to get certified in Values. In the New Economy, effectively managing talent is more of a necessity than an option. You have to do more with less.

Using Values/Motivators, along with DISC, to hire, manage performance, and develop leaders is what I like to call a no-brainer! Why wouldn’t you use the two tools that can most effectively measure the foundation of performance – motivation and behavior?

The cost of investing in a program like this pales in comparison to the cost of NOT investing. The next Values class is right around the corner and because we only offer it 2x a year, if you miss this one – you may have to wait awhile before attending. I really hope you can join us!” ~ The DISC Wizard


There are many DISC Certified practitioners but very few are Values/Motivators Certified. As a matter of fact, Values/Motivators Certification is very rare. I know because I looked! Google it for yourself and see how many Values/Motivators Certification courses you can find.

This right away gives you an advantage over most DISC users out there. Even if you’re not yet DISC Certified; Values/Motivators Certification is powerful.

This Values/Motivators Certification Course will help you:

  • Gain the ability to understand human behavior in ANY context.
  • Get to the root of conflict.
  • Understand the difference between motivation and ability performance issues.
  • Discern candidate’s motivation,attitudes, and needs in the hiring process.
  • Help others discover what they need to be fulfilled at work.

Once you’re certified, there are many different applications to use Values to solve organization’s most pressing human resource challenges:

  • Hiring – Using the Values Model to benchmark the job, you will compare candidate’s values to the positions motivational rewards and find the right person…the first time.
  • Management Training – Instead of outsourcing your training needs, learn how to use the Values Tool to deliver trainings on communication, conflict resolution, team building, leadership, etc.
  • Employee/Manager Conflict – Get to the source of conflict by understanding the values, perspectives and underlying needs of those involved.
  • Performance Management & Reviews – Using the same benchmarking process that you used in hiring, examine the motivational fit of employees. Create coaching and development plans in order to close the gaps in performance.
  • Restructuring – Understand who is best suited to do what and where in the organization.

Here are some details I think you should have. The next course takes place on March 22 & 23, 2018. It will be held at a centrally located site in Rochester, close to the airport, and many hotels and restaurants if you happen to be out of town.

But your training doesn’t stop at just one session. There will be both pre- and post-session teleclasses scheduled at a time that is convenient for the participants. Plus, there will be pre-work and course work that will further enhance your learning, as well as a final exam. I want to make sure you know your stuff!

The cost of this new Values/Motivators Certification Course is only $1497. After much deliberation, I priced this course the same as my DISC Certification even though it may be even more valuable.

Here are more advantages of the Values/Motivators Certification Program:

  • Once certified, all Values Assessments and products are up to 25% off the retail price.
  • Eliminate the need for outside consultants and trainers, saving even more money.
  • You will achieve the title of a Certified Professional Values Analyst (CPVA).
  • Training is over a month’s time frame (other programs will provide you with the information but give you no time for application in the real-world).
  • We can offer on-site (for groups of managers or trainers) and virtual (phone & web-based) certification programs.

But wait! There’s more…

The DISC Wizard Values/Motivators Certification program is now approved for 12 credit hours by the HRCI toward PHR, SPHR, and GPHR recertification.

No more having to get an hour here and an hour there. Twelve hours of high impact – high return training.

Oh, and look at what else I’m including for all participants who are DISC Certified or recently attended DISCCon.

Prerequisite: DISC Certification.

BONUS #1: Automatic subscription to “Values Jewels” a 6-month, email-based ongoing education on the Values and their application. Great for your own insights but also to pass along to anyone you do Values training with!

BONUS #2: Complete Powerpoint presentations giving you all the information you need to present “Why Values?” and “Your Attitude Is Showing” seminars in your organization.

BONUS #3: Downloadable book on the background and importance of values, “If I Knew Then” by Bill Bonstetter, creation of the Values Certification process.

Because I want as many people to be able to take advantage of this course as possible, I’m going to help you out further…

If you have been through my DISC Certification course or recently attended DISCCon (or if you sign up for an upcoming DISC Certification course), you will receive an additional $100 off the Values/Motivators Certification Course.

That means that for $1397 (again, if you’re DISC Certified or recently attended DISCCon) you get:

  • Values/Motivators Certification Course (including the full day session, debriefings, exam and teleclasses)
  • All the Bonuses
  • 12 HRCI Credits

To make this even easier for you, I am offering two different payment options!

1st Option – pay in full $1497 ($1397 after you enter coupon code: DISCCERT if you’re DISC Certified or recently attended DISCCon)
2nd Option – 2 easy payments of $849 each ($100 coupon code for those who are DISC Certified or recently attended DISCCon will be applied toward the first payment)

You can use all major credit cards or a Paypal account.  (If it would work better for you to receive an invoice please info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)discwizardonline.com.)

Or if you have questions, call 888-347-2949.

If you see this as a fit for you and your organization, I urge you to IMMEDIATELY sign up today so we can get you into the next class.

Nancy Roberts
The DISC Wizard

P.S. Look at these local companies who have utilized our Values/Motivators Assessments: 5LINX., Alphagraphics, FRA Engineering, LiDestri Foods, Lollypop Farms, Integron, Patriot Tower, Pictometry, RJ Taylor, Rotork Controls, Tompkins Insurance Agency, Ultrafab, Inc., William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Rochester.

P.P.S. Don’t forget…you are completely protected by our “100% Money Back Guarantee”. If for any reason you are not happy with this training, you are entitled to a full refund – no questions asked.