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Conflict Resolution Kit

“Learn the One Secret Factor
That Can Make Your Job Easier,
Your Company More Profitable, and
EVEN Improve Your Relationships (gasp!).”

Hi, I’m Nancy Roberts. Do you know what one factor all extremely successful people have in common?  It’s not intelligence.  It’s not negotiation skills.  It’s not savvy business or financial skills.  It’s not even a great personality.

The number one thing all successful people have in common is –
they know themselves!

Self-awareness.  It’s a phrase that’s been used so much it has lost its meaning.  But what does it really mean and how can it help you?

Self-awareness is the ability to know your tendencies, know how you are likely to react in certain situations, and know your strengths and weaknesses.

Lack of awareness can show up in our lives in many ways.

  • We may find ourselves held back from advancing in the workplace.
  • We may struggle in personal relationships.
  • We have dreams and desires we don’t think we can achieve.
  • We feel like something is missing in our life.
  • We believe that real success is illusive.

How does self-awareness help you be successful?  Most people’s success is dependent on other people.  We have to work, play and relate to people in almost every facet of life.  [As a matter of fact, I challenge you to think of something truly noteworthy that you can accomplish all by yourself.]

Knowing ourselves is the first step in Effective Interaction with others.  For effective interaction to take place, three things have to happen:

  1. You must know yourself.
  2. You must understand others.
  3. You must adapt yourself for other people.

Knowing yourself is as essential as knowing where you are when wanting to get somewhere else.  If you’ve ever used a GPS system to reach a destination, what is the first thing it needs to know to help you?  WHERE ARE YOU?

As a Certified Behavioral Analyst, I can tell you that the first step can take years!!!  To truly understand your behavior – and the motivation behind it – takes years of intentional self-discovery.  I’ve been involved in self-discovery for over 12 years – and I am still learning about myself!

But there is good news! Now there is a tool that can catapult your self-discovery forward by doing in 10 minutes what could have easily taken years to do in the past.

The DISC™ Behavioral Assessment measures your responses to 24 questions, quickly uncovering YOUR:

  • Core behavioral characteristics
  • Strengths and limitations
  • Value to an organization or relationship
  • Emotions and tendencies
  • Self-perception (plus how others see you)
  • Adapted style (or the mask you wear at work)

What are the benefits to having this kind of information?

  • Learn if you’re in the right job or work environment.  (If not – you’re probably stressed!)
  • Discover what you need in relationships – and what you are uniquely qualified to give.
  • Find out what types of people you will naturally get along with – and who you might want to avoid!
  • Learn how to adapt your communication for more effectiveness with others.
  • Help you discover what it is you are meant to do!

How accurate are the DISC Assessments?  While research shows an 85-90% accuracy most people claim it is much higher when they see their results.

At first I was extremely skeptical that the DISC Assessment would be able to accurately depict the behaviors of our team members. However, it didn’t take me long to become a believer. It was able to very accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of our staff.

David J. Cecere
Sr. Vice President
Tompkins Insurance Agencies
Batavia, NY


The accuracy of your DISC report may be followed by a moment of astonishment!

When I got my DISC results back, it was scary how accurate they were. I read the report and thought, ‘This is so me!’

Craig Houck
AXA Advisors
Rochester, NY

Purchase Personal Version (Relationship Insights DISC Assessment)

Purchase Professional Version (Management/Staff DISC Assessment)

Ready to hear how it works? 

  1. Once you place your order, you will be emailed a link to a website.
  2. Once on the website, enter your personal response code.
  3. Enter some basic information about yourself and then respond to the questionnaire (approximately 10 minutes).
  4. You can immediately read your results online.  You will also receive your personalized DISC report emailed to you in .pdf format.

When you experience your own 26-page DISC Behavioral Assessment, I know you will be blown away by the accuracy and the usefulness of the information.

So I am making you a special offer. You can now receive two (2) DISC Behavioral Assessments – either Relationship or Professional versions – for only $97. One DISC Assessment typically costs $100.

I’m offering two because I want you to have someone close to you complete one as well. Whether it be a spouse, partner, co-worker, or manager, you will get so much more from your results if you share it with another person.

Bonus #1: In addition to your two assessments, I am offering a 20-minute phone call to discuss your personal results. Once you’ve completed your assessments and read through the results, simply call our toll-free number, 888-DISCWIZ (347-2949) to set up your appointment.

Bonus #2: You will receive a FREE report “Blending and Adapting” which shows the amount of commonality between the DISC styles. Simply find your style and see how much in common you have with the different styles. Tips for effectively adapting are given for each behavioral combination.

Bonus #3: You will also receive a FREE download “DISC Tendencies” an easy to read reference chart that will show you how the different styles act in various categories, such as: their Emotions, Wants & Needs, Fears, as well as how they Walk, Drive, What They Read. You’ll be sure to laugh as you recognize those quirks and tendencies of people in your life.

Because it’s Leap Year and February has an extra day, I’ve got some extra time this month to spend with you. After February, I won’t be able to spend 20 minutes with every person who responds. So if you’re interested in the FREE assessment and the personal interpretation – you must respond by this Friday, February 29th.

Remember – It only takes 10 minutes to complete your DISC assessment online

I am so confident that you will find incredible value in your DISC Assessment, plus these great bonuses, that I am backing it with a 100%, No Questions Asked, Guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with the package, you can return it at anytime for a full refund.  And you get to keep everything – there’s nothing to return!

Purchase Personal Version (Relationship Insights DISC Assessment)

Purchase Professional Version (Management/Staff DISC Assessment)

I look forward to talking with you on our 20-minute call.

Wishing you much success,

Nancy E. Roberts
The DISC Wizard

P.S. Don’t forget – to get the free 20 minute call bonus you must respond before midnight this Friday, February 29, 2008. 

P.P.S. This offer comes with a 100% money back Guarantee.  If for any reason you are not thrilled with your purchase, you may request a full refund – no questions asked.

Purchase Personal Version (Relationship Insights DISC Assessment)

Purchase Professional Version (Management/Staff DISC Assessment)