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Ongoing Coaching

Leaders at All Levels Have Two Jobs: 
Hire the Right People and Coach Them to Success.

Most people are not natural coaches and many have never been taught how to coach and develop others, but great coaching can be learned. 

The same assessments and inventories used to benchmark jobs and hire top talent are also powerful coaching resources.  They provide performance measures and data that leaders can use as a foundation for coaching dialogue, personal insight and development focus. 

Simply put, our assessment-based coaching process is a structured and easy way to coach and develop others.  If you already have the pre-hire data, now you can maximize its value by using it to coach your new employees as well as use your benchmarks to develop your current employees.

Coaching + Measurement = Results

Personal Leadership Coaching & Coaching Others
Team leaders, supervisors, managers and executives can benefit from leadership coaching.  The best way to improve coaching capacity is to experience the power of coaching and then use the same tools and process to coach your people.  This is a unique opportunity to have an expert coach’s support to ensure the success of your own coaching.

  • 90-day, six months or one year coaching programs
  • Self, team and/or multi-rater (360°) assessment
  • Feedback report debriefing
  • Goals and objective action planning
  • Implementation and execution accountability
  • Development resources and support for results
  • Utilize coaching process and tools with your own team

Master Coach Certification Training Process for Leaders at All Levels
In order to master the coaching process and put this expertise to work at all levels, leaders must be trained on and allowed to practice critical coaching competencies and strategies.   The Master Coach Training Program for Leaders builds coaching expertise from the ground up:

Level 1: Learning to Coach WorkshopTM provides an assessment of the
foundational coaching skills needed by all leaders and how to build coaching dialogue (1-day)         

Level 2: Coach in Action WorkshopTM puts the foundational skills to work and helps coaches link learning to performance change (1-day)

Level 3: Coach Excellence WorkshopTM ensures coaches build commitment through ownership and engagement (2-days)

info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)discwizardonline.com or call the DISC Wizard today (1.888.347.2949) to discuss the different options for your specific coaching needs.