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Navigating The Growth Curve: Building A Profit-Driven, People-Centered, Growth-Smart Company

Navigating The Growth Curve: Building A Profit-Driven, People-Centered, Growth-Smart Company If like most business owners, you have read dozens of business and leadership books over the years, but have struggled how to implement or integrate all of these different philosophies, The Growth Curve may be the answer. The Growth Curve Model provides the clearest explanation of how a CEO can improve his or her company’s growth and profitability by tapping into the collective intelligence of the organization. The model is based on the research of James Fischer, co-founder of Origin Institute, including work with over 650 CEO’s and their companies spanning 35 different industries. A key indicator of successful companies that Fischer discovered in his research was that the company leaders knew how to focus their efforts and resources on the right thing at the right time. It’s not that they didn’t have the same challenges as everyone else.  It’s that when they did, they anticipated them, they knew... Read More

[Self-Assessment] 10 Questions to determine your Leadership Quotient…

[Self-Assessment] 10 Questions to determine your Leadership Quotient…   If you are a Leader, CEO or Business Owner, complete this 10-question Leadership Self Assessment. The point of this assessment isn’t to pick the “right” answer but the one that is most true for you.  That you know the right answer is of very little value. After all, as Stephen R. Covey so aptly put it, “To know and not to do is really not to know.” Select the letter of how you most often behave in each scenario then look at the end for your results. 1.  When an unexpected issue crops up, my first instinct is to:  a. Ask those involved for their analysis and ideas b. Pause to first identify the root causes underlying the issue c. Address the issue immediately (I’ll figure out the root causes later) 2.  I believe that my employee’s ideas and perspectives: a. Can improve the company’s performance b. Have some merit... Read More

The Out-of-Touch CEO

“They aren’t stepping up.  It’s like we’re having the same conversations over and over again.  The same problems show up over and over.  There’s no sense of accountability or ownership.  I swear, some days it feels like I’m herding cats!” This has been the refrain of many CEO’s and business owners I’ve worked with over the years in regards to their teams.  Many times, I have been brought in under the guise of team alignment, building, or development but if we’re being honest, most of the time, I am told the problem is the team and we need to “fix” them. So it’s not too surprising that at the beginning of the engagement when I meet with the team members I hear, regarding the CEO or owner He says he’s open to our opinions but then he shoots them down without even considering them She is quick to dismiss... Read More

[Note from Nancy] One of my scariest moments in business

When I started my consulting business in 2002, one of the biggest challenges was how to face one of my worst fears. Not running out of money (though that happened), not having to go back and get a job (though that almost happened) but how to work with the High Dominant leaders and business owners I would inevitably have as clients. You see, as a naturally low Dominant at the time (I’m MUCH higher on the D-scale now!), High D’s were scary and intimidating. I didn’t care that their “bark was worse than their bite” – it was their bark that scared me in the first place! So for quite a few years, I kept my mouth shut and toed the line like a good little soldier. Until I realized, they already had plenty of soldiers around them. They were paying me to tell them the truth. I will... Read More

Why Other People Are So Annoying

Perhaps today it was on your way to work. Or maybe it was at the getting your kids ready for summer camp. Or even when you went out to grab lunch. If you’re like most people, at some point today, tomorrow or very soon, you will be annoyed by another person. Some are very minor annoyances. The barista at Starbucks forgets the caramel in your “caramel iced latte.” Or your co-workers are talking too loudly while you’re on the phone with a customer. And sometimes, we get majorly annoyed. A friend’s check bounced causing all kinds of havoc in your bank account. Or someone you work with promised to keep something you told them confidential and then you hear it from Katie, your assistant. Whatever the situation may be, the real reason we get annoyed with others is that they act so differently that we do. We would never... Read More

What DISC Style Makes The Best Leaders?

What DISC Style Makes The Best Leaders? Years ago, I was approached by a new client to coach an Engineering Manager they had just hired a few months prior. Although his day-to-day tasks on certain projects were completed sufficiently, they weren’t seeing the “leadership potential” they had hoped to see when they hired him. Prior to our first coaching session, I ran a DISC Assessment on the manager to better understand him and how he approached the job. What the DISC revealed was that this manager was going to struggle with certain aspects of his current role and lacked the leadership attributes they were looking for.   What was this manager’s DISC style? Before we answer that question – let’s first define what we mean by the terms “manager” and “leader.” Many people use the words interchangeably. Yet there is a distinct difference.  To understand this difference, let’s take a short quiz. For each statement, decide... Read More

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