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Career DISCovery Process

In today’s job market, the old cliche “It’s not what you know but who you know” has become, “It’s not what you know but who knows you.” The question I ask is “Do You Know You?”

My step-by-step process will have you discover exactly what you need to know about yourself in order to find your dream job! Learn what you absolutely need to know about yourself before you accept your next job offer.

Golf Behavioral Assessment

Quit Wasting Shots! Improve Your Score Now!!! Golf is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. You can have the best swing but if you can’t focus, fight frustration or make the right corrections, your destiny lies in the rough.

Use the same profile the Titleist Performance Institute uses with their touring professionals and amateurs of all levels. Discover how your behavioral style works for you and against you…and how to use this information to your advantage. See our unique ONLINE profiling system dedicated to HELPING golfers and instructors IMPROVE the mental aspects of playing GOLF.

New Economy Audio Program

It’s been almost a year since the official “fall” of the economy. Some things have rebounded, while others have not.

Has your financial, professional, or personal security faltered since the recession began? Have you wasted way too much time and energy worrying about what is going to happen next? Are you interested in some new strategies that will help you no matter which way the economy goes next? Do you want to know what financially successful people are doing right now?

Click here now to learn more about “How to Thrive In the New Economy No Matter What Circumstances Come Your Way”

Time Management Tool 

Time is our number one commodity. It is limited and there is no way to get any more. How good are you at managing your time? Most of us have certain habits and tendencies that waste time. Did you know that your habits and tendencies are often an outcome of your behavioral style? And once you know your behavioral style and the motivation behind the behavior, it’s easier to understand the habit and change it – finally!


Become a wizard of time mastery, and then use your spare time to learn more of the DISC Wizard’s magic.

Top Ten Kit

Are you achieving the goals you set for yourself this year or are you feeling frustrated? Here’s your chance to learn the Top Ten Strategies of Really Successful People to make This Your Best Year Ever!” Oprah, Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, Tony Robbins – all have implemented these strategies in their lives – with astounding results!


Conflict Resolution

Learn the One Secret Factor That Can Make Your Job Easier, Your Company More Profitable, and EVEN Improve Your Relationships (gasp!). The DISC™ Behavioral Assessment measures your responses to 24 questions, quickly uncovering YOUR:

  • Core behavioral characteristics
  • Strengths and limitations
  • Value to an organization or relationship
  • Emotions and tendencies
  • Self-perception (plus how others see you)
  • Adapted style (or the mask you wear at work)

Whether you want to improve your professional or your personal relationships, use our tool to catapult your self-discovery forward by doing in 10 minutes what could have easily taken years to do in the past.

Sales Assessment Process 

Learn How to Improve Your Sales Without Sitting Through Yet Another (boring) Sales Training or Seminar! Whether you sell for a company or your own business, sales is the lifeblood of your organization.  Your personal and professional success depends on your ability to convert leads into prospects and prospects into customers.  Yet you may not even know if you are inherently motivated to sell or if you have the right behaviors to sell. Can you recognize and change what isn’t working?

Learn about what type of sales environment you would thrive in and what are your hidden barriers to Super Sales Success.

Team Building Kit 

Finally…here’s your chance to get everything you need to easily lead a Dynamic Team Building whether you are a Coach, Consultant, HR Manager, or Trainer. Our DISC Wizard Team Building Kit includes everything you need! Plus, everything comes with simple step-by-step instructions to follow. You literally have everything you need to turn around and lead a Team Building within minutes!

Get your kit now and then get your calendar out to schedule your Team Building event.

Team Debriefing Process

Anything that keeps your people from performing…keeps your organization from producing results. That is why sometimes despite the very reason teams are brought together – to increase individual productivity, creativity, and results – the very opposite can happen. Improving self-awareness and communication of team members is a critical step towards solving problems, managing projects, and reaching goals.

Learn how a simple, cost-effective Team Debriefing can get your team back on track in only 2 hours. Eliminate or reduce conflict between team members now.


Hiring & Firing System

Stop Wasting Time & Money on Chronic Low Performers by Learning The Seven Secrets to Hiring & Firing…And Boost Your Bottom Line at the same time!

Make this the year you FINALLY learned a way of interviewing, hiring, and managing that was EASY and COMFORTABLE… and saved you MORE money than ever! Get started right now learning the 7 Secrets.