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Two Hundred CEOs Reported They Felt They Got Their Money’s Worth from Executive Search Firms Only 21% of the Time.*

In today’s quest for talent, many organizations struggle with the sometimes frustrating recruitment process.

  • The searches take too long – going on weeks and months
  • Candidates are made to sound like they “walk on water”
  • Some search firms that are “industry specific” have the top companies in that industry as clients – thereby locking them out from recruiting “the best”
  • Recruiters are resistant to additional pre-employment assessments your organization might want to use
  • Instead of pushing a client for a clear understanding of the job, they accept the assignment with a vague idea of what is really needed
  • Not understanding the culture of your organization and how this should affect the search process

And with the high commission structure for recruiting firms [typically 25-33% of first year compensation], it can be frustrating and costly to end up with anything less than a Top Performer.

*Brad Smart, author of “TopGrading”

Utilizing cutting edge strategies top recruiters use, The DISC Wizard now offers a wide variety of services to solve these challenges related to recruitment, selection and retention.

Our strategic partner for our National recruiting services is Solutions 4 Hiring (S4H) in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The company founders approach job placement a bit like finding the love of your life. The search for the perfect employee is just as important and difficult as the search for your soul mate. They use a patented process for identifying, profiling and matching job candidates with employers.

With the resources that we have available to us, we are able to contact thousands of potential applicants for each position. Because of the upfront, comprehensive assessment process, many of the applicants do get weeded out right away – which is a good thing. It keeps us from wasting time contacting and courting candidates that are not viable for the position due to their assessment results, and it forces us to bring in at least three times as many applicants. We scour the internet and find candidates in places that a lot of recruiters don’t look.Colleen McGowan, Solutions 4 Hiring

By utilizing validated job and talent assessment tools right in the beginning of the recruiting process, S4H reveal the behaviors, motivators and personal skills that lead to superior performance.

Then, through our exclusive Talent Management Plus™ system, we manage a database of pre-assessed applicants to recruit the individual best suited for the job.

With a team of certified staffing professionals who understand assessments, employment law, and behavioral interviewing, S4H specializes in finding top talent.

With your bottom line in mind, they designed three different cost-effective solutions that include various combinations of the following services:

  • Customized Job Benchmark
  • Personalized Online and Phone Recruiting
  • Applicant Data Collection and Storage
  • Pre-employment Assessment for Each Applicant
  • Phone and In-person Interviews
  • Reference Checks
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Background Checks
  • Top Candidate Debriefing
  • Guarantee on Each New Hire
  • New Hire Orientation System

This process is effective because Solutions 4 Hiring can find and recruit candidates that not only have the education and experience necessary, but also the personal skills, behaviors and values that are vital to long-term performance.

Our additional assessment process adds the scientific element to what is otherwise the art of recruitment and selection.

Solutions 4 Hiring helped us make the leap from the old style of recruiting. Their process really is state-of-the-art.Ted Szaniawski
Principal of HRGroup

The benefits to your organization include:

  • You will do less repeat and replacement hiring
  • The right candidate hits the ground running
  • Candidates are presented to you within two weeks
  • Candidates’ strengths and limitations are revealed through the process

This results in faster, better, easier hiring!

There are three different solutions to suit any hiring needs.

Superior Solutions
With this option, we start with our patented job benchmarking process to create a custom profile for the position. Based on the results of the job assessment, our staff will not only recruit, assess and pre-screen qualified candidates, but also provide reference summaries and verification of previous employment and complete interviews and background checks.  Details on each candidate will be presented in 14 business days to be sure you have all the information necessary to make a great hire. To help facilitate effective management and coaching, a New Hire Orientation System provides valuable development tools, including coaching reports, job/talent comparison report and CD’s and corresponding workbooks that focus on the development of key soft skills. With the Superior Solutions option, Solutions 4 Hiring guarantees your new employee for four months or a replacement will be found.

Selective Solutions
To set the stage for the recruiting process, this solution begins with our patented job benchmarking process, where we define the key accountabilities for the position and provide a job assessment to reveal the behaviors, motivators and personal skills required for superior performance.  Along with your job requirements, our certified staffing professionals will use this information to evaluate the applicants and select those that have the behaviors, motivators and personal skills suited for the position. Recruitment takes place for 14 business days, at the end of which we present five – ten, job-matched candidates.  Solutions 4 Hiring guarantees the candidate(s) chosen with the Selective Solutions option for 90 days or a replacement will be found.

Simple Solutions
In this solution option, the recruiting process is based on your job descriptions and requirements only. Solutions 4 Hiring will actively recruit qualified candidates and assess their behaviors, values and personal skills to present ten applicants in 14 business days.  Solutions 4 Hiring guarantees the employment of your new hire for 30 days or a replacement will be found. 

Here’s an easy way to compare the different solutions.

Superior Solutions
Selective Solutions
Simple Solutions
Applicants Usually 3-5 within 14 business days 5-10 within 14 business days 10 within 14 business days
Candidate Assessments YES YES YES
Job Benchmark Required YES ($1000 discount off job benchmark) YES ($500 discount off job benchmark) NO
Additional Resources •Interview questions
•Phone and In-person Interviews
•Reference Checks
•Employment Verification
•Education Verification
•Background Checks
•Interview questions created to address the gaps between position and candidate None
Guarantee (with replacement candidate) 120 days 90 days 30 days
Investment 30% of first year salary $11,200 $5600
Fee Schedule One-third of the fee is due up front, another third is due at time of candidate delivery, and the balance is due at the time of hire. One-half of the fee is due up front, and the balance is due at the time of candidate delivery. One-half of the fee is due up front, and the balance is due at the time of candidate delivery.

The best way to get started is to send us a job description of a position you’re looking to fill.  info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)discwizardonline.com and we’ll analyze it to help you determine the best solution.  There is no obligation to have this preliminary conversation.