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Hiring and Selection

It’s Time to Hire Again –
Do You Feel Lucky?

Few things waste more of your time and resources than a bad hiring decision.  You’ve no doubt experienced the frustration of turnover in key positions within your organization.  It’s frustrating because you know the costs firsthand: recruiting, advertising, screening, interviewing, orientation, training, plus the disruption to workplace productivity. 

Conservative estimates have put the total cost of turnover at roughly 10x the position ’s annual salary!

Everything in business is measured except quality of new hires. HR frequently measures hiring costs and time to fill jobs…yet they hire the wrong people 75% of the time, but they do it inexpensively and quickly! What’s wrong with that picture?”
Brad Smart, author of “Top Grading”

That means for a customer service position with a salary of $45,000, turning over one person costs your organization $450,000. Now multiply that by the number of people who have voluntarily or involuntarily left the position over the last year. The numbers quickly become staggering!

Calculate the cost of turnover for any position in your company here (.xls file).

And yet, most hiring managers admit to relying on “best guesses” when it comes to hiring talent even when they have found the results to be unreliable – time and time again. Yet in the absence of a more objective analysis, you are left to rely on your gut instinct.


  • The resumes of candidates are full of hype (research shows 70% contain a major falsehood)
  • Interviews are not revealing or reassuring enough
  • Reference checks are time consuming, not likely to reveal useful information and therefore avoided by most hiring and HR Managers
  • Recruiters don’t utilize pre-employment assessments on candidates and rely on their limited understanding of the job

This results in hiring decisions that feel like a roll of the dice.

Sometimes you get lucky – sometimes you don’t.

You may as well ask the Magic 8 Ball.

When you don’t get lucky, the consequences include wasted time, lost productivity, and untold stress and frustration.

For every manager who is concerned with the cost of turnover, this doesn’t even compare to the cost of “stay-over”. Stay-over is when you make a bad hiring decision and the person doesn’t voluntarily leave or give you grounds for termination. They are mediocre at best. You are hard pressed to fire them, so they stay and stay and stay.

Could this be you?

You needed to hire a manager or supervisor for a critical business division. You narrowed down the list of candidates and decided to hire Joe…who had a history of being a successful leader based on the information you gathered through interviews, resume and reference checks.

Joe was enthusiastic and eager to get started. He was clear on the position requirements and what needed to be accomplished. This time, you really felt like you got the right person for the job.

After the first few weeks were spent getting Joe up to speed, you started anticipating the moment when things would start happening. You waited for that initial burst of productivity and innovation that is expected from a new employee.

But then a few months passed, and you realized that not only had Joe not accomplished the short term goals you had outlined for him, but he also began to give you excuses as to why things weren’t getting done. Sadly, these sounded all too familiar to you.

  • His team isn’t cooperating with him; he doesn’t know how to motivate them.
  • Individuals on his team agree to deadlines but then give him excuses as to why they can’t meet them.
  • He gets so overwhelmed by the day-to-day activities that he can’t keep his attention on the strategic goals for his group.

At the end of a few months, your frustration has built to the point that you question whether or not to keep Joe. You like him and you want him to succeed but you’re not getting the results you need. As you dread the thought of starting the hiring process all over again, you can’t help but wonder…


The truth is there probably isn’t just one thing that went wrong in the previous scenario.  But if we had to venture a guess, we’d guess that it starts with the ineffectiveness of traditional hiring practices.

”I’d like to share how one of your profiles was proved to be more effective than a headhunter who sent a General Manager to a client of mine touting a “perfect fit.” My company was called in to evaluate the operation several months after the hiring of the GM. The GM’s shortcomings were quickly realized and a profile was completed to substantiate the misfit. The GM was reassigned and the headhunter refunded the $7,000 fee based on the strength of the profile. The headhunter was so impressed by the system that he inquired about using it in his service.” Sam Garofalo, Owner, Technical Consulting, Syracuse, NY

Traditional or Typical Hiring

DISC Wizard Hiring

Emphasis on speed of hire

Emphasis on quality of hire

Vague job description (subjective)

Objective Position Benchmark created with objective criteria:

  • Key Accountabilities
  • Values/Motivators
  • Behaviors
  • Competencies

Expensive search firms used with no position benchmark or candidate assessments

3 Tiered Search Solutions (which all include candidate assessment)

Ineffective interviews

Structured, competency and behavioral-based interviews

Very few, if any, reference calls

Reference calls set up by candidate

Hiring criteria never measured (or questioned)

Candidate scoresheet that weighs and measures all aspects of hiring process

While the typical hiring process focuses on a candidate’s SKILLS, EXPERIENCE, and EDUCATION, it is more often a person’s BEHAVIORS and ATTITUDES that determine success in the job.

One hiring manager said to us,

“I can train a person in the skills to do the job…
I can’t make them
want to do the job.”

When you get the right person in the right job, you positively affect retention, productivity, manager’s time allocation and team results.  There may be NO OTHER SINGLE AREA you can impact your bottom line faster than in your hiring process.

Here is what one client said…

“Given our previous experience of hiring against the information in one of your assessments, I’ve now instructed our VP of Sales to pay more than the usual attention to the data we discover in this process. If we had followed that before, we could have saved ourselves six months of frustration, lost productivity and thousands of dollars.”  Chuck Finzer, Former President, Total Identity Group, Rochester, NY

However, when it comes to hiring and selection, we know your time and resources are limited.  Not only are you working with a shrinking pool of qualified candidates – but you need to make better hiring decisions.


  • Save time and effort by identifying the right candidates early in the selection process.
  • HR and Hiring Managers are all on the same page regarding the requirements of each position.
  • Individual development needs are revealed in the hiring process.
  • A behavioral job benchmark is created that can becomes the baseline for hiring, promoting, and performance reviews.


  • Reduce turnover and “stay-over”
  • Spend less time getting new employees “up and running”, dramatically improving their productivity
  • Directly improve the bottom-line by hiring more people like your top performers.
  • Redirect manager’s time away from low performers to more revenue-generating activities.


  • Help people avoid being hired for the wrong job.
  • New hires learn about themselves and the behavioral requirements of their job – improving the on-boarding process.
  • Candidates who are hired will succeed more easily because their managers will have in-depth information on them, helping managers understand and communicate more effectively to their new employee.

“We have been enjoying the DISC Wizard’s consultation for a long time and have had very accurate results. One in particular – the analysis showed that this one candidate had the potential to become very frustrated and would ultimately voluntarily terminate employment. We thought we could manage through the situation, however, we could not and the employee quit due to the stress around the job.”  ~ David J. Cecere, CPCU, Executive Vice President. Tompkins Insurance Agencies, Inc., Batavia, NY

THE DISC WIZARD HIRING SYSTEM™ allows you to see the “real” person – not just their interview persona. By using this validated, predictive system, you will take the guesswork out of hiring. You will:

  • Know the candidate’s strengths, limitations, communication style, level of initiative, sense of urgency, ability to multi-task, follow-through, confidence, etc.
  • Learn – through a job benchmarking process – exactly what the job needs for superior performance and exactly where your candidate fits the job and where she or he doesn’t! 
  • Have specific, behavioral-based interview questions to address the areas where the candidate is outside of the job benchmark. This allows you to further discover whether the candidate can adapt him or herself to the job’s requirements

How does it work? 

View Hiring Presentation (PowerPoint Slide Show)

info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)discwizardonline.com or call the DISC Wizard today (1.888.347.2949) to discuss the different options for your specific hiring needs.