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Team Building Kit

Coaches, Consultants, HR Managers, and Trainers:

Finally… here’s your chance to get everything you need to easily lead a Dynamic Team Building.

Coaches and Consultants – Generate several thousand dollars for one day of Team Building, bringing thousands into your business this year.

HR Managers and Trainers – Save yourself time and energy trying to find the right solutions for teams within your organization and become the expert yourself.

Announcing the “DISC Wizard’s Team Building Kit”

When I first started my own consulting business 6 years ago, I began doing Team Buildings for clients. Every time I put one together, it was agonizing. I would create a new agenda, try to “think up” games and exercises that would be fun and informative, and race around the day before making sure I’d thought of and done everything to prepare.

Over time, I found what worked and what didn’t. I started writing down everything; from what preparation I had to do, items and equipment I needed, which exercises were powerful and which ones “fell flat”.

In the last couple of years, I have gotten Team Buildings down pat! Now when one comes up, I can really focus on the delivery. All the details are organized, the agenda is simple and powerful and the results with teams speak for themselves!

Your classes were very educational and informative. I use what I learned on a daily basis at work, as well as in my personal life. Again, thank you!Melinda Holm
Minneapolis, MN

The Team Building session really helped us understand each other better. I believe it enabled us to have the conversations we needed to have to successfully negotiate a buyout of our company.John Schultz,
Rochester, NY

Thank you for the insight I have gained from attending the TB session. I know I am benefiting tremendously both professionally and personally by participating in this program.Jayne Sullivan,
Unity, Maine

You can easily have the same results with teams by applying what I’ve learned.

Over the past few years, I’ve begun sharing exactly what I’ve done to create such successful Team Buildings. I shared piece by piece, bit by bit. Then it dawned on me that I could put everything in a package for others who wanted to do the same.

This “DISC Wizard Team Building Kit” includes:

  • Simple agendas for half-day and full-day sessions
  • Comprehensive set-up checklist with equipment and material requirements
  • Powerpoint presentation (in several different formats – pick the style you like) to lead the team through the DISC model.
  • Team Wheels on Powerpoint slides – all you do is add the team member’s names
  • Communication exercises to lead participants through
  • Fun, exciting game suggestions to increase participation and level of fun of your trainings
  • Evaluation form to gather feedback from participants

Plus, everything comes with simple step-by-step instructions to follow. You literally have everything you need to turn around and lead a Team Building.

Thanks for the great service your company has provided. I had a very important executive development proposal to prepare, and was given a very narrow turn around time. Your team building outline, proposal template and tools were exactly what I needed. The content was perfect, and the presentation went great. I was told it was the best the client had ever experienced–and I’ve been invited back to do more work in 2008! Thanks for a great product, and for providing it in a pinch!Kathleen Pringle
President, Predictive Insights, Inc.

Consultants & Coaches – On top of all of that, as a BONUS, you will receive aproposal template that includes my insights into what you want and don’t want in a proposal. My Team Building proposals have a 90% close ratio. Besides giving you the EXACT template I use, I’ll share with you the number one strategy I use to have such a great close ratio.

HR Managers & Trainers – You will receive the BONUS report “The 7 Biggest Hiring Mistakes Companies Make”.

Everyone – will receive as a BONUS the special report “Blending Styles – Helping the Different Styles to Get Along”. You will learn the level of commonality between the different DISC styles and specific strategies each can use to improve their communication with others.

To get the DISC Wizard Team Building Kit, plus access to the BONUSES, sign up below.

If you know anything about curriculum design, you will know that to have a one-day session designed could easily cost you $5,000-$10,000. The Powerpoint slides alone are worth $1200.

I’m so confident that you will see the value of having all of this done for you – that I offer a 100% money back GUARANTEE. That’s right. If you’re not delighted with the information and materials – I will give you your money back AND you can keep everything you’ve received. Nothing to return!

The entire kit can be downloaded from the web… INSTANTLY after ordering. You can download PDF files or Word documents that you can edit and add your company logo and information. The Powerpoint slides are easily customized with your company’s information.

But this is the only time I will offer it in this format. I will be creating a “hard” version of the kit (coming soon) – including a manual, CD’s, games, assessments, etc. This new version of the kit will likely be double the cost of the current kit.

The information is the same. The value is the same. Your ability to lead a successful Team Building is the same. Don’t delay and miss out on this information at this price.

After that, the kit will be offered at our regular price of $897 (or 2 Payments of $448.50)

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I’m excited to help you create powerful Team Buildings that have a lasting impact!

Wishing you Success,

Nancy Roberts
a.k.a. The DISC Wizard

P.S. Sign up now, while the kit is still downloadable and only $897!

P.P.S. Remember that the kit comes with my 100% money back GUARANTEE. If you’re not delighted with the information and materials – I will give you your money back AND you can keep everything you’ve received. Nothing to return!