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Hiring Testimonials for The DISC Wizard:

“After a couple of bad hiring experiences and the consequent frustration accompanying them, I knew something needed to change.  Partnering with Nancy Roberts and following her approach to define my needs has paid off dividends!.  Nancy helped me to develop a benchmark of traits and characteristics that the best candidates would possess and then helped me to understand how each candidate compared to that benchmark.  Using Nancy’s tools, I found someone who matched our benchmark perfectly.  Our General Manager, Todd, is a great fit for the business and will be here for the long term.”

~Johanna Ames, President, Ames Linen Service, HLAC Accredited

“We have been benefiting from the DISC Wizard’s consultation for a long time and have had very accurate results. One in particular – your analysis showed that this one candidate had the potential to become very frustrated and would ultimately voluntarily terminate employment. We thought we could manage through the situation, however, we could not and the employee quit due to the stress around the job.”

~ David J. Cecere, Executive VP, Tompkins Insurance Agencies, Inc., Batavia, NY

“I’d like to share how one of your profiles was proved to be more effective than a headhunter who sent a General Manager to a client touting a “perfect fit.” My company was called in to evaluate the operation several months after the hiring of the GM.  The GM’s shortcomings were quickly realized and a profile was completed to substantiate the misfit.  The GM was reassigned and the headhunter refunded the $7,000 fee based on the strength of your profile.  The headhunter was so impressed by the system that he inquired about using it in his service.  If you visit our website, you will see that your profiles are part of the services offered to my clients.”

~ Sam Garofalo, Owner, Technical Consulting, Syracuse, NY

“We used the DISC Wizard’s hiring process to hire for our Customer Support Trainer position.  Fast-forward one and a half years later, and the two candidates it helped us select are among the top Trainers that we have, and they have fit perfectly into the role.  Now that’s success!”

~ Dave Finger, VP of Customer Technical Services, Pictometry International Corp., Rochester, NY

“Given our previous experience of hiring against the information in one of your benchmarks, I’ve now instructed our VP of Sales to pay more than the usual attention to the data we discover in this process.  If we had followed that before, we could have saved ourselves six months of frustration, lost productivity and thousands of dollars.”

~ Chuck Finzer, Former President, Total Identity Group, Rochester, NY

“We did indeed offer the supervisor position to the employee we assessed last month and she is doing a great job.  She’s also much happier in this new position…it’s a much better fit for her.  Not only has she commented on this, but many other co-workers have even passed along great compliments.  So…you could say it’s going very well!  We really appreciate your insight and help in making this decision.  Thanks again for your help.”

~ Andrea L. Holland, Operations Manager, ExecuScribe, Inc., Rochester, NY

“As part of the work we did to create a Production Manager benchmark, we had to come up with Key Accountabilities for the job.  This exercise was very enlightening.  I got to see how my current Production Managers view the job…and there were some interesting differences.  It helped us all to understand the position better.

~ Mike Uriz, Former COO, Gulf Coast Laundry, Gulfport, MS


Consulting Testimonials forThe DISC Wizard:


“Nancy Roberts has provided us with a variety of services to improve our effectiveness as leaders. From pre-employment assessments to executive coaching services, she has given us great insight into the importance of understanding human behavior.  Nancy has become a valuable member of our executive staff. We really value her input.”

~ David Gross, CEO, Gulf Coast Laundry Services, Gulfport, MS

“Because we read Nancy’s “Little Red Book for Hiring and Firing,” our executive team had more resolve to act. The manner in which we dealt with a very difficult firing turned into a very good team building tool. Surprisingly, once armed with the right tools we were able to make a difficult but unanimous decision.”

~ Scott Reppert, CEO, Superior Health Linens, Milwaukee, WI

“Thanks you so much for EVERYTHING!  I have benefited so much from the last four sessions with you.  You are a very inspirational person.  I am so grateful for this training and for the opportunity to work with you.  Everyone here at UniTel thinks you are the greatest.  I thank you for your insight, wisdom, and humor.”

~ Jayne Sullivan, UniTel, HR Manager, Unitel, Unity, ME

“The Executive Team Building session really helped us understand each other better.  I believe it enabled us to have the conversations we needed to have to successfully negotiate a buyout of our company.”

~ John Schultz, Rochester, New York

“Your classes were very educational and informative.  I use what I learned on a daily basis at work, as well as in my personal life.  Again, thank you!”

~ Melinda Holm, Director, Eschelon Telecom, Minneapolis, MN

“Nancy, you are a very special person, gifted at listening and applying your unique experience, knowledge and wisdom to help others make subtle changes with dramatic positive impact.”

~ David Kane, Field Business Productivity Specialist, Microsoft Gulf States District

“Your session was very uplifting and enlightening for me…I haven’t stopped talking about all the things I know about myself that I never knew I knew!”

~ April Johnson, Office Manager, The Horizon Group, Rochester, NY

“I just wanted to say thanks for our last session.  I learned a lot about myself during each session but the last one was the most impacting.  So basically, I just wanted to say thanks.  This program, I’m sure, will help us all do our jobs better.”

~ Jennifer Feiock, Coach, Frontier Telephone of Rochester, Rochester, NY


Speaking Testimonials forThe DISC Wizard:


“It’s early afternoon and I’m still energized by your presentation this morning!  You were phenomenal and your compelling message of strategies for business success was right on!  Having been a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) since 1998, I’ve heard numerous speakers over the past decade.  You are one of the top two all time great speakers I’ve ever heard at NAWBO in ten years.  Thank you for sharing your inspiring message and wisdom with us.”

~ Dorothy J. Madden, Organize It!, Rochester, NY

“Nancy’s seminar “Top 10 Strategies for Success” was exceptional in every way. The content was superb and the delivery…even better! Nancy connects with the audience, provides fantastic information…and inspires everyone in the room to be more…do more…live more! I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

~ Jonna L. Martin, President, Greater Rochester NAWBO

“By the way, you got some additional excellent feedback from the students in the final course evaluation.  Your session was mentioned by a couple students as one of the high points of the course.”

~ Professor Robert Whipple, Syracuse University, NY

“You, NANCY ROBERTS, are fantastic…I believe you spoke to every person in that room this morning! You are down to earth, concise…genuine!  Thanks for being in my life!”

~ Theresa Kusak-Smith, Mary Kay Regional Director, Fairport, NY

“Thanks once again for your awesome presentation this morning.  You did a great job of getting all your points across in such a limited time frame!  Talk about grace under pressure – lovely job with some great take-aways.  I know what I’ll be thinking about changing for myself in the upcoming days and weeks.”

~ Rachel MacDonald, Execuscribe, Rochester, NY