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The real impact of holding on to low performers

The real impact of holding on to low performers

In the last article article, we talked about the number one mistake companies make – holding on to low performers.

Here are some consequences of employees not carrying their fair share of the work…

  • Others are left to pick up the slack.
  • Top Performers begin to resent the underperformer(s), as well as the manager who allows them to stay.
  • [When the underperformers know they are not meeting expectations] they have to deal with personal disappointment.
  • [When the underperformers don’t know they aren’t meeting expectations] they are being set up for future failure.
  • The manager is likely so busy managing the underperformers that s/he neglects the development of Top Performers.

The bottom-line of all these consequences is that team and business results suffer.  And yet, ironically, suffering is what you are trying to avoid by not addressing the situation.

As with most things in life, you either suffer the effort of action or the results of non-action.

Think of health and wellness.  Either you endure the “pain” of exercise and restricting what you eat or eventually you suffer the pain of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.  It’s long term thinking versus short term thinking.

For the health of your business, carefully consider the long term consequences of keeping underperformers, and then take the actions necessary today to ensure your longevity.