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[Tips] #1 Way to Foster Employee Engagement

[Tips]  #1 Way to Foster Employee Engagement

Many of the companies that are traditional cultures have their nose to the grindstone so to speak (make money, cut costs, etc.) and are missing a bigger, compelling vision with which to engage their workforce.

They say they want engaged employees but it is more of a “nice-to-have” than a must-have. Unfortunately, many employees end up thinking “why should I work harder…so I can line your pockets with more cash?” It’s sad but true.

In the book “The Work of Leaders” by Wiley, there is a reminder that each employee has their own vision for themselves, their life and their future.

For an organization to really be “engaged,” each employee’s personal vision has to fit in their team or department’s vision, that vision has to fit in their division’s vision and that vision has to fit within the organization’s vision…sort of like Russian nesting dolls.

If your people can’t find their fit within the organization’s vision, you can forget about expecting them to be engaged.

What can you do to help your employees find their fit?