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“Here’s Your Chance To Learn The Top Ten Strategies of Really Successful People to Make This Year the Year Your Dreams Come True!”

What do YOU want to accomplish? What is your BIG dream?

Nancy RobertsHi, I’m Nancy Roberts.  Most of have goals we want to reach.  Weight loss, a more fulfilling career, more money, better relationships, more time spent on things that are truly important to us.  These are things we promise ourselves we will pursue every year.

Yet year after year, nothing changes.

The frustration builds when we realize that while these are the very things that would make us happy, they go by the wayside for other, less important things – work deadlines, information overload, and over filled calendars.

Over the years, failing to get a handle on the more important things in your life can leave you frustrated, overwhelmed and with the feeling like you just can’t catch up.

So how is this year going to be different?

Frustrated by these very problems in my own life, I set out to find an answer. I was finally living the dream – owned my own business – but was still not getting ahead. I was working more and making less.

Nancy Roberts and Ken BlanchardThe worst moment was when, five years into my business, I came across the goals from my first year and I had the same EXACT goals. Meaning I wasn’t any further along then when I started my business. That was the wake up call I needed!

So I decided to start paying attention to successful people. I began reading, researching, attending conferences with, and interviewing some very successful people whom I admired.  Jack Canfield, Ken Blanchard (top picture), Stephen Covey (middle) and Dan Kennedy (bottom) to name just a few.

The commonalities between these successful people were striking.

Nancy Roberts and Stephen CoveyTo move their bigger commitments in life forward, while getting the day-to-day things done, they applied very similar strategies and used a process which included:

  • A way to stay focused on what was truly important
  • A way to take immediate and massive action on goals
  • A way to stay accountable for taking that action

While there were very specific things they did do, there were specific things they didn’t do as well.

Dan Kennedy and Nancy RobertsThey did not rely on their own willpower or motivation. Motivation fills most gyms in January every year. But there’s a reason most of them are ghost towns by mid-February. Because it’s near impossible to sustain motivation long-term.

They did not do the same things over and over expecting different results. That’s the definition of insanity after all. Think about how many times you’ve set the same New Year’s Resolutions using the same strategies as the year before to no avail.

They did not expect to achieve success on their own. Yes, even very successful people get help in the form of coaching, seminars, books and courses. Les Brown, a multi-millionaire motivational speaker, told me that he estimates his own personal library to be worth about $100,000.

After extensive research, I discovered the right strategies and a process that helped me stay focused on what I wanted to achieve.

Applying these strategies through this process, in one year I tripled my income from the previous year… all while taking more time off (two 10-day vacations, several 4-5 day trips, etc.) and having a lot more fun in my business.

As people saw my growing success, they started asking “What are you doing differently?”

So I started teaching this process to my coaching clients and lo’ and behold, they began making consistent and sustainable progress towards their goals too!

As an entrepreneur and multi-business owner, I’m constantly looking for ideas and information that will keep me sharp and moving in a positive direction. The strategies and information provided in Top Ten Strategies is exactly that. I love the direct no ‘fluff’ style. I am busy and I don’t have time for unnecessary filler, just helpful facts. When I started my first business I had no idea what to do first. I applied just one of the strategies outlined in Nancy’s work, and within just a few months, my business doubled. I continue to review, use and apply these strategies in my life and business, and I see amazing results, time and again. Robert Britton, Rochester, NY

And now I want to give you these strategies too! By applying these strategies, you’ll no longer need to worry about whether you’re going to make progress on your goals this year.  You just follow the process, step by step, and you won’t be able to miss!

Ready to hear how it works?

  • Listen to the 60-minute audio program first which introduces you to “The Top Ten Strategies for Success.”
  • Following along in the downloadable e-guide “The Top Ten Strategies for Success,” you will be trained on the process to follow.  Don’t worry, it’s easy.
  • Each week, you will apply the process to just one of the Top Ten Strategies for Success.
    Each Strategy can take as little as an hour to work through.

This guided process can be done when and where it is most convenient for you. You can do it from home in your pajamas if you like!  All it takes is the audio program, the e-guide, a notebook, pen and one hour a week to get started!

These strategies are absolutely essential for success in every realm of life! Nancy’s approach makes it simple to understand, realistic to apply and puts you on the right track for success. It helped me to take a step back and be honest with myself about why, the real reasons why I didn’t have the success that I always said I wanted. It wasn’t until I accepted the fact that I am the one that ‘creates the exact amount of my success.’ Once I did this my result began to improve dramatically.
Aaron Caldicott, New York, NY

I’m committed to giving you all the information you need to begin and complete this life-changing process.  This doesn’t just provide you with an introduction and then lead you into a 4-day, $3000 seminar.  This isn’t a sales pitch or marketing material for some hyped-up program.

It is a simple, step-by-step process
that has you follow the Success Strategies
of the World’s most notable and admired people.

Oprah, Donald Trump, Tony Robbins – all admit to having implemented these strategies in their own lives – with astounding results!

Working through these strategies, you will discover:

  • The 2 biggest obstacles to making the kind of money you want this year.
  • My #1 money making strategy. (it’s not what you think it is!)
  • The quickest way to success in any endeavor that most people avoid like the plague.
  • Why what’s holding you back most likely came from your childhood and what to do about it once and for all.
  • The secret to getting anything done – even things you’ve been procrastinating for YEARS!!!
  • The #1 thing ALL successful people know that most average people don’t.
  • Why most goal-setting is USELESS until you learn this!
  • The ONE habit that can make or break any relationship.
  • Why your best friend might be your worst enemy.
  • The surest, fastest way to be happy right now.
  • And for business owners: why you don’t need a comprehensive business plan – just do this instead.
  • Plus much more!

Because I know the value of this information and have seen the difference in my life (Remember – one strategy alone is responsible for me tripling my business in one year), I want EVERYONE who is ready to be able to have this information.

I want to make it so simple for you to get that I’m offering it for ONLY $197.00. This is a reduced rate because it’s in this downloadable format. I believe this information is worth 100x this price.

I just wanted to commend you on an absolutely fantastic job with your Top Ten Strategies! Your content is extremely useful and at the same time entertaining with all of your oh-so-relevant examples and stories! I have your Top Ten Guide marked to purchase. I’d be foolish not to order the guide at such a great (and selfless) price! Thank you for making it so affordable and within reach! Stephany Moore, Rochester, NY

If you’re ready to make a change, just click the +Buy It Now button to purchase the Top Ten Strategies Audio Program.


If you’re not sure yet, keep reading. In addition to the reduced rate of $197, I am including several bonuses that will make purchasing this program a no-brainer for you:

BONUS #1: You will receive a downloadable audio recording of my teleclass “How to Achieve Your Most Important Goals.” On this teleclass, you will learn several critical strategies absolutely necessary to reaching your goals, including:

• The number one reason most people don’t reach their goals
• The biggest mistake you might be making that is sabotaging your efforts
• How to set goals effectively for your DISC style
• What you need to stay motivated all year long!

BONUS #2: You will receive a downloadable copy of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.”  A success manual in its own right – it was written by Hill in 1937 after he studied 200 of the richest people who lived.  It’s still a best seller today and now available by download.

BONUS #3: A special report “The Highest Energy Wins” that shares a key to success in any area: wealth, business, relationships, sales, or health.  This is a must read and one report you will want to pass on to everyone you know.

BONUS #4: The e-book “Love and Honor” which will help you make difficult relationships good, good relationships great, and great relationships spectacular!

100% Satisfaction GuaranteedI am so confident that you will immediately find incredible value in the “Top Ten Strategies Audio Program & E-Guide,” plus these great bonuses, that I am backing it with a 100%, No Questions Asked, Guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the package, you can request a full refund.  And you get to keep everything – there’s nothing to return!

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With this one decision, you are on your way to having this year be a year where you get more of the important things done and advance your BIG goals and dreams.

Wishing you much success,

Nancy E. Roberts

P.S. Don’t forget, you get all 4 bonuses just for ordering the audio program at the low price of $197.

P.P.S. Remember, this offer comes with my personal 100% money back Guarantee.  If for any reason you are not thrilled with your purchase, you may request a full refund, no questions asked.

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