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[DISC Wizard Q&A] How to keep everyone happy during the holidays

Dear DISC Wizard,

The holidays are coming up and as you know, that means time spent with family who we may not have a lot in common with.  I find myself getting anxious just thinking about how to keep everyone busy and happy.
~ Sharon B.

Dear Sharon,

It was Ram Dass who said, “If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.”

To his point, family are some of the most dynamic relationships we have to deal with and the holidays give us ample opportunity to experience this first hand.

So while I would first like to mention that it is not your sole responsibility to keep everyone happy (that really is an inside job, no? 😉 I will say that because different styles prefer different things, there is a way to mix it up so everyone gets a little of what they want at holiday time.


DOMINANCE – Do vigorous activities of a competitive nature (think flag football, power shopping, chopping down the tree).  Don’t ask High D’s to miss their time at the gym even on a holiday because it may be their #1 stress reliever.

INFLUENCE – Do socializing and fun people-oriented activities (think Charades or Pictionary, chatting with groups, posting pictures and recipes on social media).  Don’t give High I’s errands or chores where they will be alone for a long period of time.

STEADINESS – Do plenty of downtime with family or alone (think hot baths, decorating, baking). Don’t expect the High S to be with others 24×7 without getting exhausted.

COMPLIANCE – Do thinking activities and alone time (think chess, reading, playing video games).  Don’t suggest the High C’s be in charge of greeting everyone or engaging in a lot of small talk.

If you find yourself playing hostess to a lot of different styles, it’s best to plan a mix of activities so everyone can find something they enjoy.

Happy holidays!

The DISC Wizard