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[Self-Assessment] 16 Questions to Determine Your Shopping Style (and some tips to keep your sanity)

[Self-Assessment] 16 Questions to Determine Your Shopping Style (and some tips to keep your sanity)

“How we do anything is how we do everything…”

Behavioral research shows that behavior is predictable upwards of 90% of the time.  Meaning, that without a lot of thought and consideration, we usually do what we have always done.  Let’s see if how we shop is consistent with our DISC style.

For each of the following statements, select the letter A, B, C or D if that statement describes the way you prefer to shop. Don’t think too long about a question; go with your first reaction.  Scoring is at the end.

1)    I tend to buy for everyone else before myself. (C)

2)    I power shop.  (A)

3)    I like things that come with a warranty or guarantee of some sort. (D)

4)    I love fun clothes. (B)

5)    I know what I want when I walk in and I don’t need help.  (A)

6)    I find I buy pretty much the same brands over and over. (C)

7)    I like other people’s opinions…even the sales-person.  It helps me to know
they think something looks good on me. (B)

8)    I like to look “squared away.” I like to buy good fabric and tailored clothes.

9)    I like shopping with my friends. (B)

10)  I like comfort and things which don’t jump out at people. (C)

11)  I despise browsing.  I mean, what’s the point if you’re not ready to buy? (A)

12)  I am cautious of outlet houses and discount stores, as the clothes may be
seconds but not be labeled that way. (D)

13)  I like to budget 4 times a year for clothes. (C)

14)  I enjoy online shopping.  (A)

15)  I love Black Friday!  The buzzing energy of the crowd is exciting. (B)

16)  I check out many options on the web before I decide to buy. (D)

YOUR Shopping Style: Add up you’re A, B, C and D’s.  Your most often picked letter corresponds to your DISC Style.
A’s = Dominance. You start early and make fast decisions, purchase it, and move on.  When all else fails, you give gift cards.  After all, you have many more tasks to accomplish than just shopping.

B’s = Influence. You get into the holiday season and love all the parties and festivities.  You do most of your shopping the final few days before Christmas.   And who needs a list?  The last minute adrenaline rush makes it that much more exciting.   And forget about sticking to a budget!

C’s = Steadiness. You want the holidays to be special, and you want just the right gift for everyone – something your family and friends will treasure and remember forever.  So you make your plan and get to work!

D’s = Compliance. Your shopping was done long ago. You prepared your list, and researched the best deal on the internet, so as to get the best value.  Gifts of good quality, educational and practical are also at the top of your list.

For tips on how to keep your sanity while approaching this holiday shopping season, keep reading…

DISC Tips for Shopping Sanity

Dominance TIP: Remember that this isn’t how the other three styles like to shop so the best plan is to shop alone or “divide and conquer.”  Drop the others off while you go do some other errands or activities.  That way, you aren’t impatiently waiting around for them imitating The Grinch.

Influence TIP: To bring fun and a little structure to your shopping, find another High I friend who likes to shop as much as you and make a day of it.  Brunch, shopping, mani’s/pedi’s, more shopping.  You could be mostly done in a day!

Steadiness TIP: Since you love to find the perfect gift and you hate pressure, your best bet is to start early.  Limit yourself to two gifts per family member: One they need and one they want.  And don’t forget, online shopping can help with the practical gifts they need.

Compliance TIP:  While practical is good, meaningful and practical is even better.  So along with the fire-proof safe to protect the family photo albums, how about a framed picture of the family from the last vacation to go along with it?

Happy shopping!